Please Prepare the Property

Chicago Home Photos is not responsible to clean up your property. We will kindly direct you to move something if it looks out of place. Chicago Home Photos Photographers expect the property to be clean and clear of clutter and objects you do not want in the photos. We understand that some home owners just wont clean up, but it is the responsibility of the REAL ESTATE AGENT to have the property ready to shoot


  • clear counters
  • bowl or flowers on island or table
  • remove rugs
  • remove towels
  • remove excess appliances
  • tea pot on stove
  • cook book next to stovetop
  • remove trash cans
  • remove soap dispensers
  • remove rugs in kitchen and baths
  • remove dish towels in kitchen
  • remove any magnets or artwork of refrigerator
  • remove pet toys and food bowls
  • try and clear off the kitchen counters


  • clean up clothes
  • fluff the pillows
  • throw pillows add the the photo
  • clean up toys. gather or remove
  • minimize family photos
  • remove clutter from dressers
  • remove trash cans
  • remove tissue boxes
  • remove laundry hampers / diaper cans

Living Areas

  • clean up clutter
  • remove kids toys
  • remove remote controls
  • hide wires from electronics
  • clear coffee table
  • add flowers and plants


  • remove soap dispensers
  • fold towels
  • remove toothbrushes
  • remove makeup
  • remove just about everything


  • cut the lawn
  • rake up stray leaves
  • clean up any street trash
  • put all toys away or into proper place
  • remove trash cans
  • stage out door furniture
  • open umbrellas